In July 2019, a new client approached Anzen8 in need of a scalable payment gateway. The client had a static platform that was hindering growth and making it difficult to work with the fast pace of the eCommerce market. The client wanted a responsive, flexible solution that could support the ambitious goals of the business, such as preordering, recurring payments, mobile payment options and built-in rewards. Such demands seemed like a pipedream for the client who did not have the expenditure of a large retailer like Starbucks to invest in a payment gateway. However, when they approached Anzen8, they found people willing to listen, adapt and provide solutions in a way that supported the business and worked with the long-term goals of the business.

  • The name of the business is withheld for privacy reasons.

Payments platforms are sensitive to scalability because of the nature of the payments industry. Payment platforms that cannot scale risk losing users on either side of the platform. Merchants and other users need to consider scalability a priority when shopping for a payment platform.

Plan for business growth

The client approached Anzen8 at a time when they were looking to expand online and enter new markets. Their research showed that for their eCommerce to be successful in the Asia market, they would need to introduce more payment options.

While the client had a payment gateway that accepted traditional forms of payment, such as credit card, it was not adaptable to new options, such as social media platform payments, built-in rewards offerings and subscription payments.

The client wanted to ensure that their cart abandonment rate was significantly reduced (aim for -20%), increase their online transaction record (aim for 150% improved conversion rate) and improve store functionality and UX.

The need for high functionality

The platform was built to ensure that processing volume did not result in disruptions. That included on mobile devices, accepting multiple currencies and alternative payment methods.

Anzen8 created a payment gateway for the client that supported the needs of the business. The client requested that different features be made available for roll out as they were needed. The client wanted to control their scalability. Rather than overwhelming their employees and customers, the client implemented a schedule for new payment methods so that each could be introduced according to their timeline.

Anzen8 built a system that could work with this plan. The back-end functionality meant that the client had total control over the rollout. The site was designed with the client in mind. They wanted a system that could be easily integrated and upgraded as their business required, and that is what Anzen8 provided.

Decreased risk when business changes

Scalable platforms are more than just flexible. They can adapt, if you need to make changes. Systems that are scalable give businesses the power to scale up or down as demand requires. Rather than terminating contracts or being forced to switch processors, which is a lengthy and arduous process, a scalable platform allows business owners to tighten the reins momentarily without large costs.

While the client was sure that the market was ready in Asia, they were not sure about how to scale their payments platform to meet the preferences of customers across the region. While they knew that in some countries social media payment platforms were performed, in other fintech rules. In order to meet with the demands of the market, the client wanted to be confident that any fast changes could be met with a system that did not require downtime.

Additional Benefits

Anzen8 offers dynamic descriptor ability, integration support, adjustable payments scheduling, SLA service, multi-currency processing and recurrent payment options. We jump through all the hoops with you to ensure that your payment processing gateway meets with all the highest regulations.

The client wanted a gateway that would make payment processing transparent for their clients and themselves. They wanted to be able to pull data to the dashboard and understand how segments were making purchases. They wanted to include a search function that was fast and responsive so that they could work on eliminating chargebacks. They wanted access to their data from mobile devices and with manager-controlled access.

Anzen8 provided the solution that the eCommerce client needed, with the ongoing support for rollout. We built a system that was easy to use on architecture that is adaptable. The benefit of the platform architecture Anzen8 uses is the ability to add or remove functionality and feature with no downtime and a minimal security risk (no provider can state that they can provide a risk-free platform. If you come across such a statement, be wary of such claims.)

The Beginning

The client has now expanded to the Asia market. They are rolling out the various functionalities as required. At this time, 6 months after first contacting Anzen8 and 5 months after signing on as a client, the business is growing in accordance with their goals.

  • Sales have improved by more than 20%
  • Chargebacks have been reduced by 9%
  • Historical data has informed the direction of growth for 3 campaigns
  • Segmentation has improved marketing performance by 25%
  • ROI for the payment gateway is estimated by the client to be 68% (and increasing)